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Servicing Your Winch

In response to the huge number of inquiries regarding SERVICE INFORMATION'S for Barient and Barlow winches, we are publishing the following to assist owners of those winches to keep their investments in working order.
It is assumed here that the person undertaking the winch service will be able to dismantle and assemble the winch.


Most BARLOW winches and some BARIENT winches manufactured from 1983 onward are held together by a RETAINING NUT. This is a 2-1/2" [63.5mm] outside diameter metal disk surrounding the top end of the main shaft of the winches. Typically, this Retaining Nut is engraved with Barlow or Barient and the model number of the winch. There are also 2 x 3/16" [5mm] diameter holes, 180 degrees opposed, in the top surface of the Retaining Nut. The winches were originally shipped with a dismantling tool, which was nothing more then a bend piece of wire that was hooked into the 2 holes to unscrew the Retaining Nut.

If this tool is lost - try the following method:

  1. Insert a 3/16" screw or a small screwdriver or similar, into one of the two holes.
  2. Insert your winch handle into the Main shaft of the winch and turn the handle against the screw, in a CCW direction, to unscrew the Retaining Nut.
  3. Turn the winch handle in a CW direction to tighten the Retaining Nut.

Most smaller BARLOW Standard winches and some BARIENT Standard winches require a screw to be removed from inside the main shaft in order to dismantle the winch. Those winches were originally supplied with a small plastic part that looked like a handle with a 5/16" [8mm] diameter hole through the centre of the star, through which you was able to insert an Allen key to unscrew the fastener, while at the same time stopping the main shaft from rotating.
If the original dismantling handle is lost, make your own by drilling a hole through one of your non lock-in winch handles.
You could also use a piece of 5/8" to 11/16" square material (plastic, wood, steel - anything) through which you can drill a hole in it, hold it with a shifting spanner, and unscrew the bolt inside the main shaft of your winch.

The following Service Information is of a general nature and applies equally to all ARCO, BARIENT & BARLOW winches.

1) Dismantling the winch

Almost all models can be fully serviced without removing the winch from the deck. Be sure to pay special attention to the following:

2) Lubricating the Winch

3) Assembling the Winch

  1. Repeatedly 'flick' the Ratchet Pawls to ensure uninhibited operation
  2. Ensure that the Ratchet Pawls engage squarely in the mating ratchet teeth - some ratchet gears can be assembled the wrong way and that will result in the winch slipping back when under load.
  3. Assemble the rest of the components in the reverse order of disassembly.
  4. Check the operation of the winch, if possible before that important race.
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