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Radar Reflectors

New to the range of ARCO products:

FIRDELL Radar Reflectors Ltd was founded in 1978 by two senior UK Ministry of Defence research scientists, Dr S W Bell and W A Dukes, for the purpose of studying the largely ignored science of radar reflection, as distinct from radar, and for the application of their research to provide effective radar reflectors for small craft, buoys, beacons etc.

The 'BLIPPER' and other ranges of reflectors are now sold world wide (Firdell's total range extents to some 40 different units) and manufactured under sub-licence in the United States and Australia. They have received NATO accreditation for use in craft and buoy identification, and as gun and guided missile targets.

FIRDELL Defence Ltd was formed in 1982 to research into the use of the FIRDELL technology for decoys, "stealth" analysis and other Defence application. This led to a 3-year contract with GEM-Marconi Defence System Ltd, during which time the technology was secured into GEC-Marconi.

FIRDELL Radar Reflectors Ltd is the trading arm of the various aspects of the FIRDELL technology.


FIRDELL applications for which 'Standard Blipper' Series Optimum Radar Refectors (encased) are used:

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