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Manufactured in Australia by AUSTRALIAN YACHT WINCH CO. for customers who put safety first.
HUTTON Boombrake


We frequently supply BoomBrakes to yacht owners who have experienced a bad, uncontrolled jibe, usually resulting in costly repairs,
or worse still, in personal injury.

Why wait for this to happen?

What some owners say about their BoomBrakes:

"Most of my cruising is short-handed and the peace of mind my BoomBrake gives me, makes it an essential piece of equipment on my boat.
I thoroughly recommend it."
Jim Middleton - Swanson 42

"In 30 years of sailing, including Pacific crossings, I don't know how I sailed so far without a device like the BoomBrake. It has made passages easier and safer. My BoomBrake is always reliable and easy to use."
Robert Toothill - Jarkan 10.5

HUTTON BoomBrakes are recommended by Australia's leading yacht and spar manufacturers.

Be prudent and install a HUTTON BoomBrake for peace of mind.

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